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More About Me

Growing up in Afghanistan and seeing all the western photographers only covering the war, terror and negative side of Afghanistan and showing it to the world, I always wanted to show a different aspect of Afghanistan and Afghan people - the strong and resilient spirt and humanity of the people. My work shows how they survive and thrive in a country where there has been conflict for so many years. I document the culture and different backgrounds of the many people who make up our land. In my work I try to show a different side to the people I photograph. I bring this lens to my work in Ireland and another countries. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch.​My approach is always the same: get to know my subject (whoever or whatever that may be). From there, my creative flow is highly adaptable based on the size and scale of the project. I have the innate ability to seemingly remove my subject from the production, making them feel safe, at ease, and capturing their most authentic self.​

Selected Clients

 The Open Door Initiative

Wilson Hartnell PR



HIV Ireland

Dublin Inquirer  

Member Of

Artist in Residence(Photo Museum Ireland)

Member of Scoop Foundation

Visual Artist Ireland


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